- For Businesses

Get a combined treasure hunt and tour as activity for your visitors

- Modern activity for mobile-savvy visitors
- Everybody loves a treasure hunt, both adults and kids
- Market your place / event
- Cost efficient, no physical installations

Quiz walk

Test our interactive demo
with auto-positioning.

"AWESOME!! We created a treasure hunt for 4 teams, worked beautifully. Great way to keep kids amused - especially those
who won't put their mobiles down. I think it's brilliant!"
Dr Lesley Sloss, UK

For events or places outdoors

Visitors must locate the correct spot of each message before viewing it, an exciting treasure hunt and a form of virtual geocaching. No app and no login is needed which makes it very easy for temporary visitors.


Write about interesting places or events. Market yourself or tell a story for your visitors. Use text/image/video and external links.

Quiz walk

Create an adventure game by asking tricky questions. An easy- going activity that gets even more fun when you have to find the questions.

A modern activity

Appeals to mobile-savvy visitors and feels new and fresh. Combines the use of Smartphones with healthy outdoor activities in a creative way, similar to geocaching. Suitable for:

Conference Centers Ski Resorts Tourist Attractions Marketplaces
Countryside Hotels Amusement Parks National Parks Outdoor Events
Camping Grounds Zoos Wildlife Preserve Marketing Activities

Works for all Smartphones

Visitors use their own device. The solution works on all Smartphones such as iPhone, Android, Windows etc. (or tablets with GPS) since it is web-based. Feel free to test the user experience using one of the demo-links above.

Make the activity accessible for your visitors

Once the treasure hunt/tour/quiz walk is created it becomes accessible as a
link (URL) and can thus easily be shared in a number of ways:
- Publish on Facebook, web pages or blogs
- Add to newsletters sent using email
- Create sign with QR-code and printed URL

Visitor will get clear instructions when they follow the link.

Branding for your company

We are happy to brand the tour/quiz walk for your company for a fixed price. Logo, text and images will be customized according to these examples:

Splash screen with your company logo

Startpage with customized text and image

Your logo on the tour/quiz walk pages

Endpage with customized text and image, Facebook link and company URL


The price depends on the type of business as well as content and functionality of the tour or quiz. Our goal is that all businesses should be able to offer our tours to their visitors or customers in an affordable way.

The content for messages and/or questions are created by you if nothing else is arranged.

Free to try!

It is of course free to test and see that the service meets your expectations and needs. You can either create a tour for private use with the iPhone/iPad app Xnote or contact us at info@xnoteapp.com and we will create a test-tour quickly for you.

We offer:

* Fixed tours/quiz walks for visitors of tourist attractions etc.
* Temporary tours at events etc.
* Solutions for multiple tours for the same company or other arrangements.
* Creation of content and questions with text/image, translation of texts etc.
* Usage for commercial use against direct payment.
* Development of other mobile services.

Send an email to info@xnoteapp.com and describe how you would like to use Xnote and we will get back directly with a quotation. Our long experience from product development, interaction design and programming ensures a service of high quality.

Definition of usage

Xnote messages may normally only be used for private use. This is indicated by a link in the recipient's message: "For private use only". We are happy to allow Xnote messages to be used for commercial use or commercial use against direct payment according to the text below for a separate fee.

Private use:

- Usage by private persons in situations without commercial purposes. For example personal or public messages, at parties etc.
- Usage by educational and non-profit organizations in situations without commercial purposes. For example between teachers, students, scouts etc.

Commercial use:

- Usage by businesses in situations with commercial purposes or for creating an added value. For example to advertise their business, attract visitors, events, team-building activities etc.
- Usage by educational and non-profit organizations in situations with commercial purposes. To advertise their business, attract visitors etc.

Commercial use against direct payment:

- Usage by businesses in situations with commercial purposes where a direct fee it charged by 3:rd party to use the service. For example a fee per person who takes a tour or a fee for a group that takes a quiz walk at an event.

Not sure what applies? Just send a mail to info@xnoteapp.com with a short description of how you would like to use Xnote.

Android and others